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Crispy Potato Fritters

We call it "Rösti" in Austria. I´m not even sure whether this is viennese dialect, but this fritter is simply heavenly to eat especially when crispy and hot. There are a couple of things to consider preparing this by-dish....don´t worry steps are simple and the secret to making crispy potato fritters  is choosing the right type of potato.

I prefer to use the ones for french fries. As there are so many sort of potatoes available in the market, you really really have to get the ones that are used for french fries..

Ingredients: ( Makes 4 fritters)

4 big potatoes (ask for the type used for french fries)
2 eggs, beaten
1 teaspoon garlic powder
2 tablespoons all purpose flour
   salt and pepper
   cooking oil


1. Peel potatoes and grate on a clean cloth or if you prefer, you can use the shredder accessory of your

2. Extract the liquid-out of the potatoes by wringing the cloth tighter until no more
    liquid comes out.

3. Place the shredded potatoes in a bowl, add the betaen eggs + the rest of the
    ingredients.Season with salt and pepper and the ground garlic.

4. Fry in a pan with 2 tablespoons olive oil for about 2 minutes each side or until both
    sides become crispy and golden brown in color. Arrange on a platter and serve hot..
    May go with any grilled meat or can also be enjoyed as a snack with any sauce, mayonnaise...

Enjoy cooking! 

Collection of 34 Wildflower Arrangements - Part 2 ( 2016)

"we gathered the wildflowers
yes, life there seem'd one pure delight
as thro' the field we rov'd.
yes, life there seem'd one pure delight "
-  George Linley  

Hi everyone!

This is the second part of my wildflower arangements done 
between Spring and Summer of this year. And I´m proud to be 
able to present it in a collective form, that way you can see the different styles, 
different flowers and different vases I used for each of the bouquet. 

Part 1 is quite a lot , and the flowers in there were 
absolutely gorgeous and  so beautiful as the ones here in part 2.

My garden is very small and I have a conifer hedge all over
so I couldn´t plant flowering bushes on the ground as slugs would 

devastate all the flowers overnight in one sitting. It is in the night 
that they are active particularly after the rain.


This one on top is an arrangement of  all natural wildflowers, 
onion flowers and wild redberries.

The decanters were found at a local flea market

You might have noticed, that yellow roses were included in some 
of the arrangements. That is because my 22 year old rosebush had blooms 
that started in May til almost end of summer. I used these roses just to 

give the wildflowers some color contrasts. 

That wraps up on Part 2 of my wildflower collection. 
Thanks for taking the time to have a look at  my 
arrangements and bouquets . I hope you liked them!

 "And 't is my faith, that every flower 
enjoys the air it breathes".......William Woodsworth

It was nice to have you here!

Collection of 40 Wildflower Arrangements Part 1 (2016)

"You love the roses - so do I.  I wish the sky would rain
down as they rain 
from off the shaken bush.   Why will it not?
Then all the valley would be pink and white and soft 
to tread on.  They would fall as light as feathers, smelling sweet;  
and it would be like sleeping and like waking, all at once!" George Eliot 


It´s walking Lily, mom in-law´s 5 year-old chihuahua that gave me the
inspiration to look out for blooms grown anywhere in the fields and in our
path .The wildflowers were just there ready to be picked-up.

From all those dog walks, I was able to really gather the simplest
 bunch of wildflowers...beautiful flowers!!! 


 I put them in several vases that I collect...nothing expensive though, 
 I see to it that the vase I used corresponds to the colors of the flowers as 
well as the style of arrangement... 

In some cases, I have added flowers coming from my garden to set a 
contrast to some bouquet  to make it look funkier...!

I hope that you have enjoyed the various arrangement !
Visit Part 2 of this collection coming up next.

Thank you for your visit!